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Wealth.png Wealth is one of the six basic resources in Rise of Nations. It is a primary resource used in the production of units, buildings, and technology upgrades.

Wealth.png Wealth is gathered by building Markets and establishing trade routes with Caravans between friendly cities. Some rare resources also add to Wealth.png Wealth production when they have a Merchant harvesting the resource. Researching the Taxation technology line at the Temple allows a nation to gather Wealth.png Wealth based on the size of its territory and it also increases income from rare resources and Fishermen.

Wealth.png Wealth is used throughout the whole game to produce units, research technology, and build structures. The main use for Wealth.png Wealth is in the construction of units and technology upgrades. Wealth.png Wealth tends to replace Food.png Food as a staple resource in the late-game, as advanced units and technology require Wealth.png Wealth in place of Food.png Food to create.

Gathering Wealth[edit | edit source]

Building Caravans at a Market and having them establish trade routes is a primary method of generating Wealth.

  • Markets. Each Market increases the gather rate of Wealth.png Wealth by +10. Building the Porcelain Tower increases the income of all Markets by +200%. When completing or razing a Market a small bonus of 30 Wealth.png Wealth is granted.
  • Caravans. Caravans generate income by plying trade routes between two friendly cities. They need to be created at a Market, the income is based on the distance between the two cities. With Commerce.png Commerce 3 (Trade) researched, caravans may establish trade routes to cities of friendly and allied nations.
  • Taxation. Taxation allows you to generate Wealth.png Wealth based on the size of your nation's territory. It also increases income from rare resources (see below) and Fishermen. It needs to be researched at a Temple.

Rare resources[edit | edit source]

Wealth.png Wealth is also produced by a number of rare resources, which can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location:

The gather rate of rare resources in friendly (i.e. own and allied) territory can be increased by researching the Taxation line at the Temple (+20%, +50%, +100%, +200%) and by building the Porcelain Tower (+200%).

Nation powers[edit | edit source]

  • The British Power of Empire: Commerce Limit.png Commerce Limit for all basic resources is increased by 25%. Taxation upgrades are 50% cheaper, and territory-based Taxation grants double the income.
  • The Egyptian Power of the Nile: Farms generate +2 Wealth.png Wealth in addition to Food.png Food.
  • The Inca Power of Gold: Mines generate Wealth.png Wealth in addition to Metal.png Metal, and their Commerce Limit.png Commerce Limit for Wealth.png Wealth is increased by 33%.
  • The Nubian Power of Trade: Climit.png Caravan Limit is increased by +1. Merchants, Caravans, and Markets are 10% cheaper and have an additional 50% hit points. They begin with a Market, and can always sell/buy resources with a +20/-20 price bonus, and rare resources (including those that produce Wealth.png Wealth; see above) are gathered 50% faster.
  • The Persian Power of Ceremony: Taxation upgrades are granted instantly at no cost, as long as a Temple is built and the prerequisites are met. Caravans are always at their maximum number allowed, being created automatically and for free.
  • The Roman Power of Caesar: Cities produce an extra +10 wealth.

Wonders[edit | edit source]

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