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The United Allies were made to preserve humankind and colonize new planets. These people have colonized the planet Yora and are beginning to make a nation of themselves.

Unique Units Edit

The United Nation's Combined Powers of Peace mean they have at least three unique units per Age. As well, they also have a "Space Age", or a ninth Age. Finally, they can spend 5000 of each resource to "steal" other Unique Units.

Ancient AgeEdit

Metal Slingers-Slingers which use elastic slings to fire metal balls at enemies.

Self-Defendant Merchant-The Self-Defendant Merchant has a weaker attack than the Dutch Armed Merchant but travels faster. Upgrades to Wal-Mart Merchant in Information Age.

Patriotic Citizen-These Citizens build, gather resources, and repair much faster. Being Patriotic, they also get a boost to their other stats, and can repair vehicles in Industrial Age+, artillery, and ships. Last for entire game.

Classical AgeEdit

Light Scout Horse-Runs faster than Light Horse.

War Galley-Has more attack than Galley, can ram enemy ships.

Patriotic Militia-Militia that uses tridents, gaining more attack. Upgrades to Patrotic Minuteman in Enlightenment Age.

Medieval AgeEdit

Ninja Knight-Faster, but less powerful than Knight

Armored Transport Barge-All units inside provide +1 attack to Barge attack and Barge has extra armor.

Flaming Crossbowmen-Crossbowmen that fire flaming bolts. Bolts do fire damage, normal damage, and fire damage deals until enemy is dead or healed.

Gunpowder AgeEdit

Heavy Bombard-Slower, but more powerful than, Bombard or Basilica Bombard.

Armored Transport Galleon-Replacement for Armored Transport Barge in Medieval Age. All contained units also provide +2 attack as well.

Bombship-Powerful version of the Fireship which can destroy multiple ships in one blow. Also has a large explosion to make up with having low health.

Enlightnment AgeEdit

Patriotic Minuteman-Minutemen which use rifled muskets, gaining more attack. Upgrades to Patriotic Partisan in Modern Age.

Advanced Musketeer-Musketeer which uses a clipped musket. Because of the musket needing no pumping, their attack is faster and does more damage.

Nitroship-A Heavy Fireship with nitro barrels. Destroys everything in its line of sight.

Industrial AgeEdit

Advanced Riflemen-Have "Partial Entrench" ability which mean Advanced Riflemen take less damage from all units except Flamethrowers, which deal double damage against them. However, Flamethrowers cannot remove Partial Entrenches. Partial Entrench is carried through all Infantry units from this point on.

Nitrogenthrower-A modified Flamethrower which shoots liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen is fatal upon contact. Lasts until Space Age.

Super Dreadnought-A high-powered Dreadnought which uses explosive power to eliminate its enemies.

Modern AgeEdit

The Five-Star General-This is a superform of The Comrade. He gets to ride in a Armored Cavalry, but faster, and with less armor and attack.

Heavy Armored Scout Car-Slower, but with power of Light Tank.

Yamato II Battleship-Deadliest naval combat ship at any point in the game. Does heavy damage, can raze a City in a few minutes-singularily. However, they have a HUMONGOUS cost in all resources to buy.

Information AgeEdit

Crab Fishermen-An upgraded version of the Fisherman that can gather twice as fast as regular Fishermen, and also has a single shotgun, giving it 1 attack regardless of the armor class of anything. Very weak combat gatherer.

Wal-Mart Merchant-Supermerchant which gathers at x5 rate. Wal-Mart Merchants HAVE to be destroyed to claim rare resources. However, it costs a lot of money to set up shop.

Scientists-Super Scholars. These babies can gather Knowledge at x10, but only one Scientist can be present in a university. You can still train Scholars. If Scientists are trained they appear outside the University.

Space Age UnitsEdit

Citizen-Citizens suffer no bonuses.

Scientists-Scientists from the last few Ages are kept.

Five-Star General-The Five-Star General is still trainable.

18 Wheeler Caravan-Runs slower, has more HP, and delivers more Wealth per arrival.

Wal-Mart Merchant-Kept from the Info Age

Army Reserve-An upgrade to the Partisan.

Elite Counter-Terrorist-The UA equivalent of the Elite Special Forces. Weapon is a CheyTac M200 sniper rifle.

Elite Marines-Soldiers armed with Bushmaster ACR, F2000, and FAMAS rifles with grenade launchers respectively.

Ultra Chaingun-A prototyped chaingun firing lasers. Similar to the Gatling Laser of Fallout 3 in design.

Nitrogenthrower-Kept from the Industral Age.

Anti-Armor Missile-Armed with an SLMAW, a FIM-92, and a Predator SRAW respectively. Has the ability to attack helicopters.

APC-A faster, less armored variant of the Armored Cavalry.

Battle Walker-A large bipedal mech walker similar to the EU Battlewalker of BF 2142 in design. Carries enough arms to deal with most threats.

Orbital Artillery-A modificaton of the Rocket Artillery which lazes a target that is then shot by a small orbital superlaser. The superlaser is not very destructive, as most buildings can survive a hit.

Anti-Aircraft Laser-A prototype Humvee design using twin laser cannons each generating high amounts of energy to pierce jet armor.

Advanced Fighter-Not an alternative unit.

Stealth Fighter-A larger fighter that plays the same purpose as a bomber.

Advanced Fighter Bomber-A naval variant of the Advanced Fighter.

Assault Helicopter-A heavily armed RAH-66 Commanche vehicle.

Rods from God-Taken from EndWar. Once a target has been designated, a tungsten impactor rod will strike. It does not advance the Armageddon Timer, but does cost lots of resources to fire once. It replaces both the Cruise Missile and the Nuclear ICBM.

Crab Fisherman-Taken from Info Age.

Modern Merchant Superliner-The naval 18 Wheeler.

Transport Superfreighter-An increased speed and carrying capacity freighter.

Heavy Missile Cruiser-Augmented with higher-payload missiles and FGM Javelins for attacking landborne targets.

Nuclear Submarine-A submarine which can fire cruise missiles out of the top. The ability takes 30 minutes to recharge.

Yamato II Battleship-A powerful battleship equipped with destructive arms in addition to the rocket launchers.

Aircraft Supercarrier-An Aircraft Carrier, armed with flak cannons for air defence, which can carry an increased amount of Fighter Bombers.