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The Transport Freighter is the Transport Ship of the Industrial Age.png Industrial Age, automatically upgraded from the Transport Galleon.


When Transport Galleons become Transport Freighters, they gain +40 hit points. However, like its predecessors, it still moves very slowly and is extremely vulnerable to most attacks, especially from light ships (like Destroyers), Submarines, garrisoned defense structures and fighter aircraft. Landing operations should always be secured by warships and fighter aircraft and the coastline should be cleared of any Towers, Forts and city garrisons before the landing force arrives.

Like all transport ships, Transport Freighters do not need to be built – a land unit will automatically embark on a transport vessel, when ordered to cross sea (e.g. ordered to move to another landmass). However, a nation must have researched Science.png Science 1 (Written Word) and own at least one Dock to make sea transports possible in the first place. The unit's hit point percentage is transferred to the transport. For as long as a unit is embarked, it cannot attack nor use any of its active or passive abilities.

If a Citizen goes to sea it will turn into a Transport Freighter, but still can build, though not on the ocean. An exception is the Oil Platform, the only building that can be built entirely at sea.


  • The Transport Freighter is modeled after the LCU 1610 with the cabin located backward instead of the real life one's forward.
    • The Transport Freighter's appearance in the Industrial Age.png Industrial Age and the Modern Age.png Modern Age is somewhat anachronistic, as landing crafts were not used until World War II and the LCU 1610 was introduced in the 1970s.
  • The Transport Freighter is listed to have a cost of 30 Metal.png Metal and 30 Oil.png Oil in the game files, though this has no effect in-game.