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Timber Timber is one of the six basic resources in Rise of Nations. It can be gathered from the Ancient Age Ancient Age on and is mostly required to construct buildings and many of the wonders, but also to build units and to research technologies.

Timber Timber is used throughout the entire game to produce units, research technology, and build structures. The main use for Timber Timber is in the construction of buildings, but is also used in technology upgrades. In particular, Timber Timber is the only resource required to upgrade Knowledge Knowledge production, but these technologies rapidly become very Timber Timber-intensive. At the same time, Commerce Commerce Research, essential for a robust economy, also requires a large amount of Timber Timber. Some units, such as archers, boats, and cannon, require Timber Timber for production.

Gathering Timber Edit

Woodcutters Camp (Desert)

Woodcutter's Camps are the main source of Timber.

Timber Timber is primarily gathered by Citizens working at a Woodcutter's Camp. Woodcutter's Camps have to be placed near forests and provide a limited number of worker slots, depending on the number of nearby 'tree groups'. Each Citizen increases the gather rate by +10, i.e., will gather 10 Timber Timber per 30 seconds. Upon completion of a Woodcutter's Camp a nation also receives a one-time bonus of 5 Timber Timber per worker slot.

Building a Lumber Mill in a city increases the production output of all Woodcutters Camp's within that city's economic radius by a basic 20%, i.e., the gather rate of each worker becomes +12 (instead of +10). This productivity bonus can be increased to 50%, 100% and 200%, by researching building upgrades at the Lumber Mill.

Each City, including the first one, generates a basic income of +10 Timber Timber. The Forbidden City wonder generates +50 Timber Timber.

Rare resourcesEdit


Harvesting the rare resource Cotton increases Timber production and reduces production time of most military units.

Timber Timber is also produced by a number of rare resources, which can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location:

The gather rate of rare resources in friendly (i.e. own and allied) territory can be increased by researching the Taxation line at the Temple (+50%, +100%, +200%, +300%) and by building the Porcelain Tower (+200%).

Nation powers Edit

  • The American Power of Innovation: Receive +2 Timber Timber for every non-Scout Barracks unit currently not garrisoned.
  • The French Power of Leadership: Start with a free Lumber Mill and have one additional worker slots in every Woodcutter's Camp (useful in regions with few trees). Their Commerce Limit Commerce Limit for Timber Timber is increased by +10%.
  • The Iroquois Power of Nation: Receive +2 Food Food from every citizen working at a Woodcutter's Camp.

Wonders Edit

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