Rise of Nations Wiki

Tile grid in Rise of Nations. To the left a group of Javelineers with a combat range of 6 (thin red circle).

Tile is a unit of length used in Rise of Nations to determine distances, building space, attack ranges, and the like. Combat Range and Line of Sight are given as numbers of tiles, and other stats like movement speed or unit spacing are measured by tiles as well. In addition, the placement of Buildings, stationed Merchants, Resources, Roads, and map features are locked to the tile grid.

As tiles are essentially just a necessary measurement unit for the game engine to work with, tiles in regular gameplay are invisible to the player, and of little cornern, except if effective use of building space is a particular priority. Farms are a good way to determine tile measurement, as they are made up of 4×4 tiles, in turn divided into smaller square plots, which coincide with the invisible tiles, and quite visible in most cases.

Other structures might serve as reference objects, too:

  • Roads are always 1 tile wide.
  • Lookouts and Towers are 2 tiles wide.
  • Tree spacing in forests is also 2 tiles.
  • Cities are 6 tiles wide (without surrounding roads).

Tiles are also called tile coordinates (TCoord) within the game files and TX and TY in the Scenario Editor. Futhermore, there are world coordinates (WCoord), with 4 tiles being 1 world coordinate. World coordinates are using in the game's Scenario Editor to place things like forests, rock patches and rare resources.


  • The economic radius of a small city is 20 tiles (from the center of the structure), that of a large city is 24 tiles and of a major city 28 tiles. The minimum distance between two cities is 24 tiles as well.
  • The Lookout and it's upgrades have a base vision range of 9 tiles or can see 1.5 cities far. Each level of Science tech adds another 3 tiles (half a city). Most buildings have a default vision range of 6 tiles (or 1.0 cities).
  • The first siege weapon, the Catapult, has a maximum attack range of 15 tiles or 2.5 cities. The late game Rocket Artillery has a maximum attack range of 25 tiles or 4.17 cities.
  • Workers will look within a range of 32 tiles (5.33 cities) for something productive to do, such as gathering, constructing, or repairing.