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The Ghurghgiorioreos[]

The Stjetim founded their civilitation in the 9000 bc and became super powerful and even beated the romen empire in battle. They have the power of Pizza. The Stjetim Civil War (Arieles: Stjetima Võst Viry, Stjetim: Stjetim Võ'os Văă) was a period of chaos in the Stjetim dominated Kõjă Province of the Arieles Kingdom. On September 12th, 1955, fed up with the way the Stjetim provincial government had acted during the previous few years, the sub-province Dăwoja rose up against the government, and kickstarted a revolution in the Kõjă. Four days later, sub-provinces Kõ'ona, Jaatlant, and Priwols joined in, and the government was forced to mobilize its armed guard. The resulting  opening battles between the sub-provincial regions and the provincial government killed almost two hundred, and dragged in other provinces to the then-conflict. Sub-provincial forces took the capital of Kõjă -- Simõtaas -- in October during the Battle of the Stăiwa, and held it in to the end of the year. A minor battle ensued in Pridaw, a city of 45,000 in the far west of Kõjă, which the government won, but they failed to neutralize the sub-provincial threat. Minor battles also ensued in Jotan, Vusõt, and Stjaita -- and the conflict spilled in to Zousu Province by the end of November. In December, the conflict spilled southwards in to the Miryă, and later on in the month in to the Raiye-Kõjir Territory. The results of this spillover in to the other provinces were that by the end of 1955, some 2,000 were dead, thousands more injured, and the conflict had come to encompass three provinces (Kõjă, Zousu, and Miryă) and the Raiye-Kõjir Territory. Zousuan provincial forces crossed the border in January 1956, leading to the Battle of the Kytõsin Valtă in which 47 Kojans governmental troops were killed.


Teh Power of Pizza[]

*Instead of farms they have pizza stores which give +50 food

*All units are 75% cheaper

*Science gathered +100% faster

*infantry in info age can instanly capture cities

*when globel prospority researched they get +10,000,000 rescores

*can get oil and metal from ancent age

*buildings do not rise in cost and wonders are build instantly but still need resources and if no one else is building them

Unique Units[]

The Ghuriang Spearman - the eliet spearmen that are a lot stronger than hoplite and can almost instantly destroy a builing on their own in seconds

the super citizen - the ghuhurgian people are strong and passively collect +10 of all resouce (even oil in ancent age) and have 100% more hp and +10 attack and can be upgreded to rid hosre

the elite gunman - modern age unit that is so much stronger than american marine and can entrench on its own but it can have more range and cannot be killed by flamtrowers

the super sniper - has HUGE RANGE and can kill any unit wih one attack but it has low health and it doesnt take atiriton damage.

super cannon - gunpowder age cannon that is better than basicila and bombard cannon and has a huge range and a blast radius that can kill huge groups of units. it dose not need to be unpacked and is super fast cuz it is carried by 10 horses (its so big so it needs a lot of horsies)

Now enjoy a dead game