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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.


Tercios are the Spanish unique Heavy Infantry of the Gunpowder Age.png Gunpowder Age that replaces the standard Elite Pikemen.


Compared to Elite Pikemen, Tercios have -10 hit points, -1 attack strength, and an attack speed of 44 frames, but do +30% damage against units and buildings, although it also do -34% damage against Ranged Cavalry.

Against high-armored targets (such as the Heavy Cavalry which Heavy Infantry are typically deployed against), these more powerful but less frequent attacks will typically increase overall DPS, even though raw DPS against unarmored targets is comparable.

However, Tercios have the very special advantage of a ranged attack, with a range of up to 5 tiles, and a fast projectile speed of 350, as well as being considered as a Gunpowder Heavy Infantry, akin to the later Fusiliers. Being ranged has a disadvantage, however; unlike Elite Pikemen, Tercios lack the 80% damage bonus against Supply Wagons that melee units have.


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