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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.

Sunka Wakan.png

The Sunka Wakan is the Lakota unique Ranged Cavalry of the Classical Age.png Classical Age that replaces the standard Horse Archer.


Compared to Horse Archers, Sunka Wakan have +3 movement speed and the ability to gain 1/3 of a resource per point of damage dealt, which only works for buildings that produce Food.png Food (Farms and Granaries), Timber.png Timber (Woodcutter's Camps and Lumber Mills), and Metal.png Metal (Mines and Smelters).

The ability to gather resources in addition to increased speed makes Sunka Wakan even better raiders than their standard counterparts. Adding to that is the Lakota's Power of the Plains, which grants +4 Food.png Food for every cavalry unit, so a Lakota player should make as much as possible of raiding, and Sunka Wakan are the ones for the task.


  • Sunka Wakan (Lakota: šuŋkawakaŋ, "dog [of] power/mystery/wonder") is the name given to the horse by the Lakota upon its discovery and adoption.

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