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Infinite Queue (hotkey Q) is an option of all structures that have the ability to create units. When activated, a building will continue to produce units in the order currently specified in its queue for as long as... (more...)

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Reconstructed facade of the Great Ziggurat of Ur, built around the 21st century BCE.

The "Ancient Age" denotes a wide period of human history, traditionally considered to begin with the "Neolithic Revolution" around the 10th millenium BCE, when agriculture is known to have been first introduced, marking the first developments of former hunter-gatherer societies into a new, sedentary way of life, from which the first settled civilizations were to arise. The beginning of recorded history, when the first writing systems were invented, marks the end of human prehistory, and is also considered by some authorities as the starting point of the Ancient age. This took place by the 4th millenium BCE, time of the first script ever found: (more...)

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The Stjetim founded their civilitation in the 9000 bc and became super powerful and even beated the romen empire in battle. They have the power of Pizza... (more...)

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