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Rise of Nations: Extended Edition (often abbreviated to RoN:EE or just EE) is a re-release of Rise of Nations and Thrones and Patriots.

It generally keeps core gameplay the same, with updates focusing mostly on slightly improved graphics, Steamworks integration, and improvements running on modern computer systems.

Two slightly different versions of RoN:EE are available. The first is available exclusively via the Steam storefront, while the second is available exclusively via the Microsoft Store. Both versions have crossplay capabilities with one another, allowing players of either version to play with players of the other. Players with the Extended Edition are not able to play with players using previous versions of the game.

An increased number of users have reported issues with the Windows Store version of the game, and that version also has no mod support at all, so the Rise of Nations community typically recommends using the Steam version of the game between the two.

Object Masks Bug[]

Unfortunately RoN:EE is plagued by a bug in the way in which it handles object masks. This causes almost every unit and building in the game to not have all of its damage modifiers from balance.xml applied.[1] One of the most well-known effects of this bug is that all elephant units are far more durable than they're intended to be, particularly in the case of War Elephants.