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Papyrus is one of the 31 rare resources. It appears as a group of bright green papyrus plants (Cyperus papyrus) with some tools, tables and papyrus papers nearby.

Like all rare resources on land, Papyrus can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location. Papyrus gives the following benefits:

The gather rate of rare resources can be increased in various ways, as described in the main article. Note that Knowledge Knowledge is not gathered before the Classical Age Classical Age, but the Greeks may gather Knowledge Knowledge from the beginning, making an early exploitation of Papyrus more useful.

Papyrus is one of five rare resources that reduce research cost, with the other four being Dye, Furs, Silk and Silver. The 25% cost reduction is quite significant, saving a nation considerable amounts of Wealth Wealth and Knowledge Knowledge, if connected early in the game.

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