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Musketeers are the standard Gunpowder Infantry of the Enlightenment Age.png Enlightenment Age, available to upgrade from Arquebusiers as well as Crossbowmen/Heavy Archers as the successor of Foot Archers, and are trained at the Barracks.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After Arquebusiers become Musketeers, they gain +10 hit points and +2 attack strength. After Crossbowmen/Heavy Archers become Musketeers, they gain +52 hit points and +4 attack strength, but loses +11 attack speed and -2 movement speed, and costs more resources to create.

Like their predecessor, Musketeers are effective against all types of Infantry, but very weak against Cavalry. Musketeers complement the slower moving Fusiliers, which are much more effective against Cavalry, but lose when fighting Infantry. Compared to Arquebusiers, Musketeers receive an additional damage bonus against Heavy Infantry, to counter the Heavy Infantry's new ranged attack with Fusiliers.

Unique units[edit | edit source]

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