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— an axe age, a sword age / — shields are riven — / a wind age, a wolf age — / before the world goes headlong...
- The Eddas

The Medieval Age.png Medieval Age is the third age a player can reach in Rise of Nations, and the second age available to research.

After advancing to the Medieval Age.png Medieval Age, players will see some changed straight away. Any Small City with more than five different types of buildings will instantly become a Large City, becoming much harder to take, stronger, with larger garrison.capacity, and an increased city radius. Forts will transform into the sturdier Castles, and Supply Wagons will become available in the Siege Factory. When Science.png Science 2 (Mathematics) is researched, Spies will be recruitable at the Castle.

A nation's unique units and abilities tend to come into play more in this age, and in fact it's the age with the most unique units. This age also tends to mark the turning point in the game from economic to militaristic as armies become quicker and cheaper to create.