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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.

Man o' War.png

The Man o' War (also known as Man-of-War) is the Heavy Ship of the Enlightenment Age.png Enlightenment Age, available to upgrade from the Frigate once Military.png Military 4 (Conscription) is researched and are built at the Anchorage.


After Frigates become Man o' Wars, they gain +30 hit points, +3 attack strength, +1 attack range, +2 movement speed, and +1 line of sight.

As a Heavy Ship, the Man o' War is capable of more damage and greater range in comparison to predecessor. It is much better in defeating enemy Sloops, but is not so well-suited for defending trade routes, since they travel slower and occupies two Population Limit.png population slots instead of one like most units. Like any Heavy Ship, they are vulnerable to Fireship attacks, and so must be closely guarded by Sloops in order to ensure a complete military victory.