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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.


The Mahout is an Indian and Persian unique Elephant of the Medieval Age.png Medieval Age, available to upgrade from the War Elephant and are trained at the Stable.

Unlike other unique units, Mahouts do not replace any standard unit, but are a standalone unit entirely exclusive to the aforementioned nations.


When War Elephants become Mahouts, they gain +5 hit points and +1 attack strength, and functionally become ranged units (see notes).

Mahouts have exceptionally high armor for a unit of its age, which makes them very resilient. The unit's new ranged attack also allows it to fire while moving, much like typical Ranged Cavalry. However, their hit points are not as high as their size may imply, one Mahout only having +10 hit points compared to Pikemen. They are also as slow as most Heavy Infantry, easier to pick up as targets, and very expensive. They excel at defeating Heavy Infantry, towards which they have a 100% damage bonus, also good at taking out Artillery Weapons with a 20% damage bonus. They are less effective attacking Heavy Cavalry, with a 5% damage penalty, even less so against Civilians or Support Units, towards which they have a 34% damage penalty. The Mahout's weakness is Foot Archers, which have a 70% damage bonus against all Elephants, also vulnerable to Heavy Cavalry with its 15% bonus. In addition, the upgrade from the War Elephant is a double-edged sword, for with the ranged attack not only do Mahouts get the damage bonuses of Ranged Cavalry, but units with bonus damage against Ranged Cavalry, like Heavy Chariots, will also deal bonus damage to Mahouts (see the Elephants page for details).

All things considered, Mahouts are more suited for a specialized, support role, particularly against an opponent focusing on Heavy Infantry, such as an enemy nation with unique units of the type, or one attempting a rush. Regular Ranged Cavalry is good at that role as well, but Mahouts deal and can take more damage and don't have to worry about enemy cavalry as much.


  • Mahouts, along with Gun Mahouts and Culverin Mahouts, do not have a functional melee attack independent of their ranged attack (contrary to what their attack animations imply). Although there's an attack animation and accompanying SFX, this melee attack does not deal any additional damage when used alongside the unit's ranged attack.


  • Mahouts will not utilise their "melee attack" if set to the stand ground stance, even if enemy units are within melee range. Instead, they will exclusively use their standard ranged attack unless their stance is changed or they are specifically told to attack a target.
  • Mahouts, along with the rest of the Elephants, are the units with the most armor in the game, even surpassing Main Battle Tanks, which have a point less.