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The current technological progress is shown on the lower left corner of the screen.

The Library technologies, also known collectively as the "tech tree", are the possible sequences of upgrades a player can take by means of research, and are the most important technologies for a game's progress. Players only have a few options for technologies to research at the beginning, and each technology that a player researches will open up further research options.

A player who is engaged in research activities is said to be "teching up", "going up the tech tree", or "moving up the tech tree." Analysis of a tech tree can lead players to memorize and use specific build orders.


In Rise of Nations, the Library's technology tree is divided into four different disciplines: Military.png Military Research, Civic.png Civic, Commerce.png Commerce and Science.png Science. Each discipline also has seven different levels of research within itself, bringing the total number of technologies to 28. In addition, there are eight different Age.png ages in Rise of Nations. In order to advance to the next age, players must not only meet the required amount of resources needed, but also the required amount of technologies researched.

This distribution of technology across four different facets allows for more balanced gameplay. However, players may choose to upgrade all levels of a particular discipline, or only a few; depending on the strategy used. In Rise of Nations, it is best to not focus on one or two disciplines, but create a balance with a trend towards one of the four disciplines. Keep in mind that the further Science.png Science is upgraded, the cheaper and quicker other technologies will be to research.

Upon researching specific levels within the four main disciplines, players are granted access to new units, buildings and individual upgrades. For example, after reaching the Classical Age.png Classical Age, players can research a technology at the barracks which upgrades their Bowmen to Archers. Players must not only advance in age, but research one of the 28 levels within the four disciplines before individual upgrades even become available. Also, specific buildings must be build before certain upgrades can be researched.

Military.png Military[]

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Focuses on increasing the Population Limit.png population limit as well as the production and upgrading of military units.

Civic.png Civic[]

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Focuses on expanding national borders and increasing City Limit.png city limit.

Commerce.png Commerce[]

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Focuses on raising Commerce Limit.png commerce limit of resource gathering rates.

Science.png Science[]

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Focuses on reducing the costs and duration of research for both technologies and upgrades.

Future Technologies Small.png Future Technology[]

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If all previous research has been completed, future technologies can be researched.