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The Library is a building where a nation's most important research is carried out. By default, each nation starts with a Library already built and thus may immediately conduct research.

Building additional Libraries allows a nation to simultaneously research several projects at a time. This does not speed up the research process, however, and as with most buildings, only one Library is allowed per city.


There are five branches of technology that can be researched at the Library:

  • Age.png Advancing through ages will give access to new units, buildings, resources, and further advances, and is fundamental for a nation to remain competent during gameplay. In order to advance, all other branches of technology have to be researched to a certain degree.
  • Military.png Military technologies increases the Population Limit, allows access to new buildings, and decreases the costs of units and their upgrades.
  • Civic.png Civic technologies increases the number of cities you can build by 1 per research and increases your national borders. It will also unlock new technologies at buildings until the pre-final track.
  • Commerce.png Commerce technologies allows access to new economic buildings, increases the Commerce Limit.png Commerce Limit, and allows more Caravans to be built.
  • Science.png Science technologies decreases the cost of and improve the speed of research, increases the line of sight of units and buildings, and allows access to enhancement buildings that increase the production of a particular resource within the city's borders in which they are built.

Future Technology[]

After the Information Age.png Information Age is reached and all technologies have been researched, the Future Technologies will be unlocked. Though powerful and potentially game-changing, they are very costly, and take a long time to research.

Nation powers[]

  • The Greek Power of Philosophy: Libraries are 66% cheaper. They also have a 10% discount for Library technologies' non-Knowledge.png Knowledge cost and research them 100% faster.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Libraries do not rise in cost.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Libraries have +25% hit points, are built 20% faster and costs 25% less Timber.png Timber.



  • By default, Libraries do not contribute to the gather rate of Knowledge.png Knowledge. However, they were probably supposed to at some point in development: The rules.xml contains a key LIBRARY_LITERACY (line 141) which can be modified to have Libraries produce Knowledge as well.
  • If the game mode is first set to begin at any age other than the Ancient Age.png Ancient Age, the research names will be different in every age they start to fit the period, but the functions stay the same.