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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.

Inti Macemen.png

Inti Macemen are the Inca unique Light Infantry of the Medieval Age.png Medieval Age that replaces the standard Elite Javelineers.


Unlike other Light Infantry, Inti Macemen lack a ranged attack. However, they are tougher; having +8 hit points, +3 attack strength, and +1 armor compared to Elite Javelineers. They also lack the 5% damage penalty against Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry that most Light Infantry, Gunpowder Infantry and Modern Infantry have, and additionally do +15% damage against Cavalry. This doesn't suffice to make Inti Macemen an anti-cavalry unit however, as they are still as vulnerable to it as other Light Infantry, but makes them slightly more able to defend themselves against it before being wiped out, or be more helpful destroying an opposing cavalry force more quickly if supporting Heavy Infantry. On the other hand, Inti Macemen receive the 80% damage bonus against Supply Wagons and Armed Supply Wagons that all melee units receive, making them better at defeating these units than regular Light Infantry, although still surpassed in this regard by Light Cavalry and its superior speed.

Being melee instead of ranged puts Inti Macemen at a disadvantage when confronting ranged units, as they'll receive more shots before being able to retaliate, but their increased armor and hit points might compensate for it.


  • Inti was the sun god and the patron deity of the Inca.
  • The Inti Macemen appears to be armed with a macuahuitl, which is inaccurate since it is the signature weapon of Aztec warriors and is completely foreign to South America and, for that matter, Inca warriors.

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