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Disambiguous.png This article is about general information on infantry units. For the Modern Age unit, see Infantry (Unit).

Infantry is the branch of an army dedicating to fighting on foot. It is the oldest military branch in history, existing from the first of armies to the present day. From simply throwing stones at the enemy to wielding versatile assault rifles to combat enemy Machine Gun fire, infantry has seen the evolution of human combat from the very beginning, and Rise of Nations reflects on this.

Infantry units are created at the the Barracks, the only recruitment building avaliable from the Ancient Age.png Ancient Age onwards, as soon as Military.png Military 1 (The Art Of War) is researched. There is also a special type of Militia units, which can only be converted from Citizens and Scholars.

Unlike other unit classes, most Infantry units at full health consist of three soldiers each, the number decreasing with the unit's hit points. This effect is not only cosmetic, however. The larger size provides a considerable advantage in rate of fire over smaller units, and allows an infantry army to cover more terrain, making easier to trap, contain, or surround an enemy. On the other hand, this also makes infantry units more vulnerable targets, as individual members of the unit are more easily incapacitated. For instance, Attritio.png attrition damage affecting a single soldier damages the rest of its unit nontheless, and a sucessful cavalry charge against an infantry line will dispatch many of its men right away, and may cut with the infantry's advantage in numbers.

With their protagonism throughout history in all sorts of roles and equipment, Infantry is the unit class with the greatest variety of units and unit types in Rise of Nations.

Light Infantry[]

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Heavy Infantry[]

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Foot Archers[]

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Gunpowder Infantry[]

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Modern Infantry[]

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Machine Guns[]

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