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Heavy Cavalry are the strongest type of Cavalry, requiring both Metal.png Metal and Wealth.png Wealth to recruit. They are strong against Light Infantry, Archers and Light Cavalry but weak against Heavy Infantry, and vulnerable to Ranged Cavalry using hit-and-run tactics.

Starting in the Industrial Age.png Industrial Age, Heavy Cavalry can be upgraded to Tanks, giving them substantial damage, armour, and hit point upgrades, in addition to a ranged attack.

List of Heavy Cavalry[]

Age Unit
Classical Age Large.png Cataphract.png
Medieval Age Large.png Knight.png
Gunpowder Age Large.png Heavy Knight.png
Enlightenment Age Large.png Cuirassier.png


Age Unit
Classical Age Large.png Chevalier.png
Medieval Age Large.png Heavy Chevalier.png
Royal Companion.png
Gunpowder Age Large.png Horse Grenadier.png
Enlightenment Age Large.png Horse Guard Grenadier.png
Royal Stratiotai.png

Unit costs[]

Heavy Cavalry production cost increases progressively with every Stable unit on the field or currently in production. The default increase is 1 Wealth.png Wealth and 1 Metal.png Metal for the second unit created, increasing further with every new unit until the cost cap is reached, which for military units is of +125% their original base value.

Nation powers[]

  • The American Power of Innovation: All military ground unit upgrades, including Heavy Cavalry, are 25% cheaper.
  • The Bantu Power of Migration: Heavy Cavalry do not require Military.png Military research to be upgraded.
  • The Iroquois Power of Nation: Heavy Cavalry are hidden when not attacking and heal while idle in friendly territory.
  • The Lakota Power of the Plains: Receive +4 Food.png Food to gather rate for every cavalry unit, including Heavy Cavalry, instead of building Farms and Granaries; captured ones will be instantly destroyed.
  • The Mongol Power of the Horde: Cavalry units, including Heavy Cavalry, are created 10% cheaper and 20% faster.
  • The Russian Power of the Motherland: Cavalry units, including Heavy Cavalry, do +25% damage against Supply Wagons and artillery units.