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War without fire is like a sausage without mustard.
- Jean Juvénal des Ursins

The Gunpowder Age.png Gunpowder Age is the fourth age a player can reach in Rise of Nations, and the third age available to research.

After advancing to the Gunpowder Age.png Gunpowder Age, players are given a new palette of buildings to build, technologies to research, and units to create. More emphasis is placed on upgrading existing technology and creating more powerful units on the battlefied. A significant tech can be bought at the University to increase your Knowledge.png Knowledge production. Unique units and generals come into play as fireams start to dominate the battlefield. In particular, the Elite Javelineers is replaced by the Arquebusiers, while the Trebuchet upgrades into the Bombard. Unique in the tech advancement tree, the Crossbowmen of the Medieval Age.png Medieval Age do not upgrade in the Gunpowder Age.png Gunpowder Age. The second tier of government choices is unlocked, with players choosing between Monarchy and Democracy.

In No Rush, if any nation researchs that time era, declaring war will be allowed.