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The Future Technologies: Missile Shield, World Government, Global Prosperity and Artificial Intelligence.

I think we agree, the past is over.
- George W. Bush

Future Technology is the final technology that can be researched in the Library, which is only available in the Information Age.png Information Age once all seven Military.png Military technologies, Civic.png Civic technologies, Commerce.png Commerce technologies and Science.png Science technologies are researched. The four Future Technologies are:

  • Missile Shield does not have as many active applications as AI or Global Prosperity, but it is nevertheless of tremendous utility. Enemy missile attacks, whether conventional or nuclear, are no longer possible in your territory once Missile Shield is researched.
  • World Government is arguably not as important as the other future techs. It eliminates all countdown timers for the player; cities are assimilated instantly, etc. However it can be very useful for rush attacks, send in bombers or missiles to reduce a city to 0 and a sizeable land force to walk in and take it instantly (If you just walk instead of attack move you take some losses on the way but once your army arrives they outnumber enemy forces in the city and capture instantly, making it your territory and facing the "defenders" to take attrition damage instead). A powerful use of this strategy is to rush into the enemy capital and end the game before their army catches up to you, without having to destroy any of it.
  • Global Prosperity sets all resource commerce limits to +999, as well as increasing all production by 25%. In addition, this technology is necessary for building Advanced Fighters and Stealth Bombers.
  • Artificial Intelligence allows all units to be created instantaneously; this is of obvious benefit when engaged in a long and grueling war with high casualty rates. It also allows a large army to be made quickly from a single building, allowing surprise attacks anywhere on the enemy border.

Although all four Future Technologies are incredibly useful, they are also very expensive, especially in Knowledge.png Knowledge - their costs increase as the player researches more future tech. Adding to their cost, they all take a very long time to research, unless the player controls the Super Collider. During this time, enemies will make Libraries a very high priority target in order to shut down research.