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Forts are defensive buildings available from the Classical Age.png Classical Age onward, as soon as Military.png Military 2 (Mercenaries) is researched. Forts are meant to protect an area more effectively than a Tower; being larger, tougher and more damaging, with faster and stronger shots. However, this increases with every unit that garrisons inside; The more units, the faster and more powerful the Fortress' attack. Garrisoning a General provides Forts with +1 attack strength and +1 attack range.

Forts also expand the national borders to a great extension of their surrounding area, much like cities, and can field a large garrison. The Fort is also the building where and Generals and Spies are recruited. Like towers, they also serve as a safe haven for Citizens to shelter whenever the alarm is raised.

There are also two types of research available at Forts. The first is the line of Fortification technologies, which increases Forts' range, national border expansion and hit points. The second is the line of Strategy technologies, which increases the radius, resilience and maximum craft for Generals and Spies.

Forts cannot engage aircraft, which Anti-Aircraft are usually employed, but they do have the ability to take down Helicopters.

Unlike most other military buildings, Forts have some limitation for their placement, as they they cannot be built too close to Cities and other Forts.

The Red Fort Wonder, included in the Thrones and Patriots Expansion, fulfils the role of a Super Fort; boasting twice as much power as a standard Fort, including a 35 maximum garrison capacity, plus resistance to air assault. It is still outranged by most Siege Units however.


All Forts automatically upgrade for free, when the tech requirements are met. Building cost is not affected by upgrades.

Building Age Requires Base HP Base range
Classical Age.png Classical Age Military.png Military 2 (Mercenaries) 2000 0-10 tiles
Medieval Age.png Medieval Age Military.png Military 2 (Mercenaries) 2800 0-10 tiles
Enlightenment Age.png Enlightenment Age Military.png Military 4 (Conscription) 3700 0-11 tiles
Modern Age.png Modern Age Military.png Military 6 (Nation-in-Arms) 4600 0-12 tiles
Red Fort.png
Red Fort
Gunpowder Age.png Gunpowder Age Military.png Military 2 (Mercenaries) 6000 0-14 tiles


All types of Forts can be garrisoned by all land units except for Tanks and late game Mechanized Cavalry. Garrisoned units receive both protection and healing. The healing rate can be increased by researching Healthcare technology at a Granary.

Garrisoning citizens and/or Infantry units inside a Fort increases its Garrison Power. The number of infantry required to gain an additional attack depends on the garrisoned units' strength and type, with melee units counting only half their strength. Garrisoned units other than citizens (and Scholars and Militia) or infantry will not increase a Fort's Garrison Power.

Garrisoning a General or Patriot increases both the attack strength and range of the Fort by +1. This effect does not stack, so garrisoning more than one of these units won't have any further effect.



Researching Fortification technologies at any Fort causes all Forts to have increased border push (+4/+6/+9), as well as additional range (+1/+2/+3), maximum garrison capacity (+5/+10/+15), and line of sight (+2/+4/+6). The effect of each Fortification technology supersedes the previous; each level does not stack with the previous.

Forts can benefit from the Construction technologies available at the Lumber Mill, gaining an additional 10% hit points per each tech level researched, up to +30% at maximum tech level.

Rare Resources[]

Connecting an Obsidian site with a Merchant increases all Forts' attack strength by +1. It does not increase the number of attacks, as could be interpreted by the resource's tooltip.

Classical Fort, North European/Mediterranean style.

Nation powers[]

  • The British Power of Empire: Forts have +2 range.
  • The French Power of Leadership: Receive a free General upon a Fort/Castle/Fortress/Redoubt's completion.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Forts rise in cost at half their normal rate.
  • The Lakota Power of the Plains: Can build Forts anywhere except in enemy territory.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Forts fire extra projectiles, have +25% hit points and are built 20% faster.
  • The Roman Power of Caesar: Forts are 25% cheaper and built 50% faster, has an increased border push of +3, and Fort technologies are researched for free as soon as they are available.