The 'Food for the Winter' is a special Conquer the World Campaign scenario, that can only be won by achieving the target number of Food for your nation's settlement in Greenland. This is also a part in the New World Campaign in Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots.

Gameplay Plot Edit

The player starts with a Small City, positioned in Greenland. Unlike much of the other unique games throughout the campaign, this match includes no opposition to your nation's presence. This is a game determined on how much Food you can muster in the allotted time to insure your territorial claim to Greenland.

Goal & Summary Edit

You begin with a few Citizens to put in your small work force at your City, a few troops and a Scout (whom are useless without enemies), a Library, and a few collective Farms. The objective is clear: gather over 2000 Food using any means possible to feed your colonists that have staked out the land as your country's property. Failure to meet this goal will result the scramble to retreat from Greenland with your starving settlers back to where you sent them from.

You can only have the Farms you begin with, because the soil in the area is not fertile enough to support your Food Income. A recommended strategy is to build Shipyards quickly, and draft out Fishermen to harvest Fish and Whales out to sea, so your people can feast upon them. Put your Scout on Auto Explore to begin surveying the land for Rare Resources.

Then, if you can find enough Rare Resources to enrich your economy with, begin to build a Market in order create and send out Merchants to claim and set up shop for these nascent resources, vital for harvesting and generating Food. Keep this up, and you are successful, thus, Greenland in the New World Campaign is yours for the taking.