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Fire Ships are a class of ships available from the Classical Age.png Classical Age to the Enlightenment Age.png Enlightenment Age. They explode on contact with enemy ships, dealing significant damage to enemy ships in the immediate vicinity - as well as any friendly ships unlucky enough to be in range of the explosion. Fire ships are highly effective against Heavy Ships and Bombardment Ships, but are countered by Light Ships.

In the Industrial Age.png Industrial Age, Fire Ships are upgraded to and replaced by Submarines. Submarines no longer explode on impact and stay hidden from enemy sight unless a detector unit spots them.

List of Fire Ships[]

Age Unit
Classical Age Large.png Fire Raft.png
Medieval Age Large.png Heavy Fire Raft.png
Gunpowder Age Large.png Fireship.png
Enlightenment Age Large.png Heavy Fireship.png

Unit costs[]

Fire Ships' production cost increases progressively with every Dock/Anchorage unit on the field or currently in production. The default increase is of 1 Wealth.png Wealth for the second unit created, increasing further with every new unit until the cost cap is reached, which for military units is +125% of their original base value.

Nation powers[]

  • The Bantu Power of Migration: Fire Ships do not require Military.png Military research to be upgraded.
  • The British Power of Empire: All ships, including Fire Ships, are created 33% faster.
  • The Dutch Power of Commerce: Ship upgrades, including Fire Ships, are 10% cheaper.
  • The German Power of Industry: Fire Ships are 25% cheaper and built 33% faster.
  • The Japanese Power of Honor: All ships, including Fire Ships, are 10% cheaper.



  • Some players consider the sheer destructive power of Fire Ships to be unfair and unbalanced, to the point there is a guide in this wiki to remove them, which can be seen here.