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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.

Fire Lances.png

Fire Lances are the Chinese unique Gunpowder Infantry of the Medieval Age.png Medieval Age that replaces the standard Elite Javelineers.


Unlike Elite Javelineers and all other unique units that replace them, which are Light Infantry, the Fire Lances are Gunpowder Infantry, the first in the game. This means Fire Lances all the benefits of Gunpowder Infantry (such as doing +33% damage against all units and +80% damage against Heavy Infantry, cumulative multiplicatively) combined with the lower price of Light Infantry. Compared to Elite Javelineers, Fire Lances have +1 attack strength, +4 attack range, +7 attack speed, +3 line of sight, and faster projectiles (90 frames per second compared to Light Infantry's 80). On paper this makes the Fire Lances one of the strongest unique units in the game, but unfortunately the unit is severely hamstrung by long attack wind-up animations, causing their average DPS to only slightly exceed that of their counterpart in most circumstances.[1]