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The great end of all human industry, is the attainment of happiness.
- David Hume

Commerce.png Commerce Research is one of the four technology disciplines available at the Library. It increases the Commerce Limit.png Commerce Limit and allows Caravans (used to generate Wealth.png Wealth) to be built.


Like all Library research, Commerce.png Commerce research has a total of 7 levels to research. Each level researched...

  • ...increases the Commerce Limit.png Commerce Limit for all resources, which varies from +30 to +100 per level (excluding Knowledge.png Knowledge, which is limited only by the game cap of 999).
  • ...increases the Climit.png Caravan Limit by +1, allowing you to create another trade route.

Commerce.png Commerce 2 (Coinage) unlocks the ability to trade resources at the Market and colonize new continents. Commerce.png Commerce 3 (Trade) allows Caravans to establish trading routes to cities of allied and peaceful nations.

Note that research cost also depends on the current level[note 1] of Science.png Science research as well as any cost modifiers from nation powers and rare resources.

Commerce.png Technology Cost Commerce Limit.png Required for
1 Com1.png
60 Food.png
60 Timber.png
100 Market
2 Com2.png
60 Timber.png
140 Knowledge.png
150 -
3 Com3.png
100 Timber.png
260 Knowledge.png
200 -
4 Com4.png
150 Timber.png
500 Knowledge.png
260 -
5 Fortknox.jpg
250 Timber.png
900 Knowledge.png
320 -
6 Infilt.jpg
Assembly Line
600 Timber.png
1300 Knowledge.png
400 -
7 Globalisation.png
1200 Timber.png
1800 Knowledge.png
500 -

Rare resources[]

Nation powers[]

  • The Dutch Power of Commerce: Start with Commerce.png Commerce 1 (Barter) already researched (unless playing a Nomad or City Center Only game) and receive a 10% discount on all future Commerce.png Commerce research.
  • The Greek Power of Philosophy: Receive a general 10% discount on all Library research cost (except for Knowledge.png Knowledge) and research 100% faster.


  • As mentioned in the trivia section of the Library page, researches have alternate titles depending on the starting and ending ages. For Commerce.png Commerce Research, they can be seen here.


  1. As mentioned in the Notes section of the Science Research page, the actual effect on the cost of all researches is more complex than the in-game tooltip indicates. You can see more details here and in the description of the AGE parameter in Techrules.xml.