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"A deep breath bringing the most lucid consciousness."
- Karl Jaspers, German theologian

The Classical Age.png Classical Age is the second age a player can reach in Rise of Nations, and the first age available to research.

After advancing to the Classical Age.png Classical Age, players are given many new options, compared to the Ancient Age. In this age, Metal.png Metal and Knowledge.png Knowledge first appear, Mines and Universities becoming available to gather these new basic resources. Recruitment and military strategy are greatly expanded with the Stable, Siege Factory and Fort, while Barracks units see their first upgrade unlocked. The first enhancement buildings are also unlocked: Granary, Lumber Mill, and Smelter, and the first Wonders can be built.


  • The ruins of the Parthenon

    The Classical Age.png Classical Age's icon shows the Parthenon as it would look like when it was first built.

A full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)