Here is a comprehensive list of Rise of Nations cheats. Note that these cheats will only work when playing offline.

To activate these cheats, you must bring up the chat menu (default is enter) and type in "cheat keys on" without quotation marks.

Cheat KeysEdit

  • Alt+F5 - gains +1000 for each basic resource (hold to increase)
  • Alt+F9 - Finishes the creation of (a) selected building(s) or unit(s)

Upon using the Alt+F5 cheat, a message will appear saying "[Player name] is cheating!"

Cheat CodesEdit



get all resources + 100000

Kill object or all selected

cheat resource all+100000

cheat die [name or no entry]

Machine guns around every human capital cheat safe
Set all players to human and full map cheat sandbox
Set AI state cheat ai [on, off, or debug]
Set difficulty cheat diff [0-5]
Display achievements cheat achieve
Force alliance with nation cheat ally [name]
Force peace with nation cheat peace [name]
Force war with nation cheat war [name]
Force encounter with nation cheat meet [name]
Force encounter-off with nation cheat unmeet [name]
Turn off computer control cheat human [name]
Turn on computer control cheat computer [name]
Defeat nation cheat defeat [name]
Victory for nation cheat victory [name]
Show or change technology cheat tech[name][tech or all][on or of]
Show or change resource cheat resource [name][goodtype or all][+ or -][number]
Show or change age for nation cheat age [number][name]
Show or change military level for nation cheat military [number][name]
Show or change civic level for nation cheat civic [number][name]
Show or change commerce level for nation cheat commerce [number][name]
Show or change science level for nation cheat science [number][name]
Show or change all library tech levels for nation cheat library [number][name]
Toggle full map cheat reveal [on or off]
Toggle bounding box mode cheat bbox [0 or 1]
Show combat ranges cheat ranges [0 or 1]
Adjust damage to object or all selected cheat damage

 [name or no entry][+ or -][number]

Insert unit or building at pointer location cheat insert [number][type][who=RED][x,y]
Insert unit or building at pointer location cheat add [number][type][who=RED][x,y]
Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queue cheat finish
Drop a Wild Bird at pointer location cheat bird
Drop a Nuke at pointer location cheat nuke
Packs the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing units cheat pack
Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying units cheat deploy
Change game explore configuration cheat explore [normal, explored, all]
Toggle game pause cheat pause [0 or 1]
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