• Safiye Choson

    Whenever you play "Conquer the World (The Entire World)" campaign or "Quick Battle" mode, you can see some "leader"s name. It represents AI and used to distinguish one with another.

    But let's face it. Leaders' name list in official game s*cks. Many nations, such as Chinese, French, Germans, Greek, Turks, have only 2~3 leaders, while some leaders of Iroquois and Maya are fictional. Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl appears twice in the list, and Persian leader Zarathustra wasn't a king or emperor, but a religious leader, and so on.

    So on this post, I want to suggest an alternative list of the leaders. I tried to include at least 8 leaders per list although I failed sometimes and fixed every "errors" such as above.

    Before you read further,

    • As you can see…

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  • Safiye choson

    I know that the Byzantine Empire even wasn't a successor state of the Roman Empire, but the Empire itself. But maybe it's because I played Civilization 3 and 4(which separated Byzantine from Rome) when I began to take a serious interest in history, I've always felt these two empires are little different countries.

    And in this game, I found they didn't separate Byzantines from Romans. "Constantinople" appeared in Romans' city list, and Constantine, Justinian, and Theodora appeared among the Romans' leader list. But still, I wanted to make Byzantine even if I should touch some cities and leaders' list, and here it is. I just hope it's worth it!

    Before you read further,

    • As you can see already, I'm not good at English. Because I'm a citizen of a…

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  • Yonatan.abr

    hey everyone

    February 19, 2020 by Yonatan.abr

    I am a huge fan of this game for 10 years, and it's the first time im joining this website. do people play multiplayer? if so, i would like for some help to join a server.

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  • Safiye Choson

    Hi. I'm one of many fans of this game, and got some ideas about new "Fanon" nations. I already read "Fanon Policy" article, but I have a question about this, and couldn't find any places for question except user blog.

    The question is: Can I write something I can not make? I mean, although I have some ideas, but can't make these real because I have zero skill about modding thing.

    Thank you for reading this, and sorry for poor English. I'm a citizen of a nation which have a Power of Tradition, not Empire or Innovation. :)

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  • Eusebio Ptolomeu
    So, I'm pretty new to all this coding and scripting stuff, but I'm playing around with the codes of RoN, trying to implement a Conquer the World campaign with new mechanics, inspired by the work of DonTheDime. The idea would be to add some simple mechanics for the world map, like you being asked to spend tribute in your provinces to appease them (otherwise they should revolt), and other concepts. I'm right now looking for 2 things that I don't know if it is possible with the codes the game provide:

    -1st, could it be possible to make the age transition being particular for each player? Right now, the world evolves trough the ages as a whole: after a set number of turns, every nation in the world evolves from the ancient age to the classical …

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  • Psychomaniac14

    I have no idea how this happened and it was a really long time ago but this is basically what the glitch does, how to do it and what I did with it

    What the glitch does:

    You know that population limit thing? Yeah the glitch basically sets that to infinity without actually telling you that it's infinity

    How to do it:

    I don't know. It just happened. But I do know I was playing as the Bantu

    What I did with it:

    Attack my older brother with 1200 attack helicopters

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  • GTSxS


    June 14, 2018 by GTSxS

    The Arabians are one of the many fanon nations. They have the Power of the Revolt

    • Gain +2 Wealth for every alive fishing boats, and merchant ships get addition armour.
    • +4 line of sight for civilian units, +2 line of sight for military units and +3 for generals and spies.
    • All units deal +3 damage in enemy territory, and +2 in own territory.
    • Lost cities take 100% longer time to be assimilated by the enemy.
    • +50% Oil gather rate, and commerce limit for oil increased by 100%.

    Arabian unique armed fishing boat. Available from Classical Age till the Enlightenment Age. Capable of engaging rival ships and catching more fishes. Armour and weapons progress as the age progresses.

    Arabian unique Medieval Age camel heavy cavalry. Faster than most other units of…

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  • Drafsh-e Akhtar

    Crossbows OP

    August 29, 2017 by Drafsh-e Akhtar

    Hi, today I tested something I've always suspected: Crossbowmen fire like the devil! Their rapid projectiles ravage English, Korean and Nubian archers, as well as Heavy Archers and everything else in between. Only Gunpowder Age unique archers beat them with their stat boost. Anyone interested in checking this is welcome to do so, if just for curiosity or for double-checking what I've already added in the appropriate section.

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  • Drafsh-e Akhtar

    Hi, this page serves as a repository for your ideas on what should be the topic for the next poll. Only ideas presented in this page will be considered for upcoming polls. Unless nobody offers a suggestion and then forces myself to think of one (don't make me do this). You are more than welcome to offer present your ideas at will, no matter how many or how little, no matter how new you are, no matter if you are registered or not. Also, If your idea is chosen, I'll let you know before picking it. Really looking forward to see what the community has to communicate!

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  • Beelim

    Primary Secondary Indian (e) Korean (k) Europe (n) Iroquois (i) Notes

    Mud (s)
    • Maya
    • Inca
    • Aztec

    • India

    • Germans
    • French
    • British
    • Dutch

    • Lakota

    Default (m)
    • Greeks
    • Spanish
    • Romans

    Asian (a)
    • Chinese
    • Japanese

    • Koreans

    Colonial (u)
    • Americans

    • Mongols

    • Russians

    • Iroquois
    Changed to have low tier architecture similar to (i)

    Mud (t)
    • Nubians
    • Turks
    • Egyptians
    • Bantu???

    • Iranians

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  • Drafsh-e Akhtar

    Edit Priorities

    April 12, 2017 by Drafsh-e Akhtar

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share what is my order to edit the wiki. Obviously there's a lot of files and articles missing, and the matter is not of what to add, but when to add it. Just until recently, I finished adding all the articles belonging to the Ancient Age category. There's still information missing in that category, but I believe is more important to have an article to actually exist, and then to improve it over time. So now I intend to move to the next age, and so on and so forth. After all these articles for units and buildings, which are the most basic information we need to have here, have been created, then we can move on to refine the actual content on the articles. After that is done, then we can look forward to get …

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  • Drafsh-e Akhtar

    Hello everyone! Today I have adopted the wiki, and after many months without active administrators, I am hoping to improve on the many things this wiki has been lacking of for quite a long time. I am open to suggestions, feel free to comment here on any ideas you might have to make the wiki better, more complete, and user-friendly. Thank you folks for your attention and your help. Drafsh-e Akhtar (talk) 05:48, March 30, 2017 (UTC)

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  • VelvetClaw

    Bronze Age mod stuff

    August 10, 2016 by VelvetClaw

    On second thought, we sould just scrap this. We are strapped for cash, it's better producing a new game FROM SCRASTCH.

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  • VelvetClaw

    General issues:

    This mod will more or less likely require the following:

    • Kings & Conquerors: tech tree, possibly some elements from elsewhere.
    • Rise of Kings: unit rules and building graphics.

    Telcharim amazons are depicted as carrying heavy axes, and wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis and mohawks. This is a bit too outlandish, we may adopt something closer to how amazons were depicted by the Greeks.

    Another interesting idea to use would be to repurpose the Celtiberians from Kings & Conquerors. Skin changes will be required plus the adding of bewbzzz to many sprites but it is doable. VelvetClaw (talk) 10:08, June 7, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Atlantis536


    December 24, 2015 by Atlantis536

    The Filipinos are one of the fictional nations in Rise of Nations. They have the Power of AlDub

    • Caravan generates 470% more gold
    • Population increases faster

    The Filipino's unique Heavy Infantry units have +30 more health compared to standard units they replace. Filipinos also have a unique Heavy Ship in Ancient age.

    In Information age, the Filipinos also get unique Gunpowder Infantry.

    Filipino unique Heavy Infantry , - Ancient Age - powerful, fast, melee unit.

    Filipino unique Heavy Ship, - Ancient Age - powerful, fast naval unit.

    Filipino unique Heavy Infantry, - Classical Age - powerful, fast, melee unit.

    Filipino unique Heavy Infantry

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  • Nicoliver

    Conquer The World- 1984

    December 1, 2015 by Nicoliver

    As Oceania, Eastasia or Lestasia, try to unify the world under your nation.

    -Cheaper and stronger ships and airplanes.

    -American and British unique units.

    -Big Brother Diplomat.

    -Atrittion damage to enemies.

    -Russian and German unique units.

    -The Comrade Diplomat.

    -Cheaper and more efficient citizens.

    -Chinese and other Asian unique units.

    -The Great Scholar diplomat.

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  • Brudisel

    Now that Rise of Nations has been on Steam for over a year, beautifully HD remastered, we have an open door for new civilizations and abilities. This especially caters to the history enthusiasts.

    I've seen some great fanon nations put on this wiki. Brilliant ideas like Brazilians . I spent my time today writing up a playable version of the Vikings as more than a barbarian civilization, but an expansionistic and competitive world power. It took months of gathering information, keeping them in a journal on my computer, and balancing the Vikings to not be too powerful (by having weaknesses to counteract strengths). I finally spent my day turning it into the Wiki page I wanted it to be.

    I encourage the whole community to come up with a lot more fa…

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  • Brudisel

    Vikings (by Brudisel)

    June 15, 2015 by Brudisel

    Offensive, Economic

    The Vikings are a fan-fiction (fanon or fanfic) nation in Rise of Nations. They have the Power of the Open Seas, based on how the Vikings excelled at shipmaking and land discovery 500 years before Columbus.

    • All water on map explored and visible from the start of the game.
    • Fishermen created instantly, gather 50% more Food and Wealth .
    • Dock units heal at sea if not moving or being attacked (Military Research 4 required). When a Merchant gathers Citrus, healing time increased 100%
    • Docks are 25% harder to destroy, receive 50% refund when destroyed by an enemy, and garrisoned ships can attack from the dock.
    • Transport Ships containing non-military units are immune to attack from enemy ships, but can still be attacked by towers, fort…

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  • Beelim

    By now you should have managed to understand:

    • anim_graphics governs the animation of the unit,
    • unit_graphics governs the appearance of the unit and also determines what animations listed under anim_graphics to use.

    In this section we will now begin working with the appearance of the unit. You must be thinking, "freaking finally!" However we still have a long, long way to go before we can finish up the task of introducing a Panzerfaust to RoN.

    With anim_graphics.xml now cleared out of the way, it is now time to introduce the unit_graphics.xml file. As mentioned before, unit_graphics.xml determines the appearance of the unit, as well as the animations associated with it.

    To create a new unit, we need to create a new entry under the tag. This is…

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  • Vanshilar

    I've been going through each nation and posting about their nation powers and unique unit bonuses, but I've run into a bit of a problem with the Dutch unique light ships.

    The Dutch unique light ships are the Brig, Fluyt, and Clipper, which replace the Caravel, Corvette, and Sloop respectively, during the Medieval to Enlightenment Ages. From unitrules.xml, the units are identical except that the Dutch unique ships have flag y (which marks them as unique units), have +1 attack damage, +5 HP, +1 moves, and +1 armor. Nothing too particularly out of the ordinary.

    However, in actual testing, Dutch ships are completely terrible. Put 3 Caravels up against a Carrack and the Caravels will win, but put 4 Brigs up against a Carrack and the Carrack will …

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  • Vanshilar

    I don't know why unit pathing is so difficult in a lot of RTS games. In Rise of Nations, it appears to be particularly bad.

    Oftentimes, even when there's nothing in the way, units seem to take circuitous routes to their destination. If I tell a unit to move directly to the left, for example, it will veer up a bit, then back down, or down, then back up, even though there are no obstacles in the way. Why is it so difficult to get units to move in a straight line? Is it really that difficult to have a unit's (x,y) position change in the direction of the vector from the unit's current location to the unit's desired location? I can understand if there are obstacles in the way, but this is on wide open plains. For me, this makes it *very* difficu…

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  • TheNeXusCore

    At last, over 10 years ago when it was first released, Rise of Nations is on Steam! There is also a discount so it's best to take advantage of it while you still can!

    Article Link

    Store Link

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  • Beelim

    By now you should have managed to understand that:

    • .bha, .bh3 and .tga files are required to make a single unit sprite.
    • unit_graphics governs the appearance of the unit,
    • anim_graphics governs the animation of the unit,
    • unitrules governs the unit stats,
    • balance.xml and craftrules.xml govern the abilities of the unit,
    • typenames.xml and help.xml allow you to write player information about the unit.

    In this section we will talk about anilmation. Without proper animation, the unit will not move normally and will appear to be floating around when it should be walking.

    Putting the files into the ./art folder here however isn't enough since Rise of Nations won't recognise them. To do this, you need to edit/create a new version of anim_graphics.xml and ins…

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  • Beelim

    Are you itching to insert teddy bears and crazy death robots into your game? or are you just peeved that BHG left a whole load of inconsistencies and ahistorical bull in your game? well then, this guide is meant for you!

    Modding a unit in Rise of Nations looks more difficult than it really seems. To be honest, the only issue involved may be in creating the renders and the tedium in the coding required, but overall it is actually a very fast process, and sometimes rewarding as well.

    This guide tries to go step by step in designing a model from scratch, from the creating of the graphics required for a new unit all the way to getting it to work in the game. We will first explain how graphics are created, and then go on to inserting the model in…

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  • DForce Coa

    A Great new Ddit

    March 17, 2014 by DForce Coa

    I recently joined this wiki becouse i just instaled my favorite game Rise of Nations !!! :-)

    as soon as i joined the viki i uploaded a Jaguar Assault Infantry information page

    link :

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  • Beelim

    Library page

    March 14, 2014 by Beelim

    REskins mod:

    • Koreans: Scorpion, Hwacha
    • French: Brihentin, Scara
    • Spanish: Royal Scutari is replaced with Feudal Retinue.
    • Germans: replace first 3 units with Nakwadaz, Speutagardaz, and Ritterbruder.
    • Inca: replace the [6] Mortar with a Trench Mortar
    • Mongols: replace all units beyond Nomads with Mangudai, Khorchin and Noyan.
    • British longbow is replaced with Helwyr.
    • Iran: Tofangchis replace the Arquebus Immortal, Daylamiyan replace the Athanatoi, Sparabara replace the Immortal.
    • Egypt: replace the chariot with Machimos Hippikontistai
    • Romans: replace the last 2 units with Billmen and Halberdiers (based off Vatican city guard).
    • Greeks: replace H Stratiotai with Uhlan and Companions with Thesalikoi
    • Bantu: Beaufighter heavy fighter, Atlas Cheetah

    Artistic differen…

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  • Beelim

    Tech quotes

    December 18, 2013 by Beelim


    1. Ancient: "As old as Methuselah."
    2. Classic: "He could boast that he inherited it brick and left it marble." -Suetonius
    3. Medieval: He made safe his castle that was upon a high hill, and he gathered in his flocks. — Ferdowsi, Shahnameh
    4. Gunpowder:
      "Valour has been lost whence guns were invented;
      The curved blade in its holster shall rust."

    — traditional Turkish ballad

    1. Enlightenment: "He who perceives, has knowledge thereby ." -Anselm of Cantebury, 12th century bishop
    2. Industrial: "A man ain't nothin' but a man, / And before I'll let your steam drill beat me down, / I'll die with the hammer in my hand." —Anonymous: The Ballad of John Henry, the Steel-Drivin' Man
    3. Modern: He abhorred plastics, Picasso, sunbathing and jazz — everything in fact that had happened in …

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  • DerUgion

    Steam Support?

    April 30, 2013 by DerUgion

    Recently the game showed up in steam files, is anyone else as excited as me? I really hope they use Steam for multiplayer insted of GameSpy.

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  • Howiter1


    July 3, 2012 by Howiter1

    Current Age: Classical Age

    I leave it to you guys, to help me suggest who should I destroy next? Should I march the Romans to continue their campaign against the Celts and their islands, defend against Germania who is going to attack at any time or ally with a few other powers to strengthen the borders?

    Your choice.

    ~Sereniama~ | Page ▪ Talk ▪ Wiki Contributions | 02:29, July 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • YarinYY46


    May 1, 2012 by YarinYY46

    Israeli are one of fanon nations. They have the Power of the Intelligency.

    - 20% less cost in knowledge costs.

    -Temple gives +1 border size,+5% city health points and +2 defence per religion research. 

    -Second city also counts as a capital. You have to capture both for activating the capital control clock as it is with the Persians.

    -In the modern age and after,+2 attack and +1 defense for all units per age after the industrial age.

    Israeli have an unique units start from Ancient Age until Classical Age. They don't have unique things from Medieval until Enlightenment Age.

    Israeli Unique Light Infantry, Ancient Age - fast, cheap, and short-ranged. Quicker and tougher than Slingers.

    Israeli Unique Light Infantry, Classical Age - fast, cheap, and short-…

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  • Guinsoo

    Requesting admin rights

    April 12, 2012 by Guinsoo

    Hi everybody! Having just realized that this wiki's current admin Dukester101 hasn't been around here for over half a year now and we were left with no idea when (or if) he's going to come back, I decided to request admin rights for this wiki. If there are any objections to this, please post them here. // Guinsoo 14:30, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

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  • SpecialJohnson

    Hello, lads!

    As ya know, I like helping people. So, if ya have any questions for this Wiki, ask me now!

    I will answer all Questions if they are grammarly correct and if I can understand question.


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  • Ran115

    Testing, testing...

    January 28, 2012 by Ran115

    This is just to test my blog...testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

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  • Ran115


    December 8, 2011 by Ran115


    The Mareans are a new nation formed from the Pacific Islands. The Mareans have the power of Ocean.

    Pearl Diver-Unique Citizen: Can travel in water, is always cloaked underwater. Extra health and attack.

    Spear Fisher-Unique Heavy Infantry: Can travel in water, is always cloaked underwater. Extra attack and speed.

    Canoe Warriors-Unique Light Ship: Can hold up to 4 units. Faster and longer range than other ships. Comes with 4 Heavy Spear Fishers.

    Heavy Spear Fisher-Unique Heavy Infantry: Can travel in water, is always cloaked underwater. Extra attack and speed.

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  • Howiter1

    Mechanical Age

    November 19, 2011 by Howiter1

    Rise of Nations Wiki:Fanon policy

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  • Dukester101

    This is just a post to make sure the blogging on RoN Wiki works and is usable by all... once we get a booming community here.

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  • Dukester101

    Rise of Nations Wiki:Fanon policy

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