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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.


The Bark is the Light Ship of the Ancient Age.png Ancient Age, available once Military Research Icon.png Military 1 (The Art of War) is researched. Barks are built at the Dock.


Being the first Light Ships, Barks are used primarily for exploring the waters with their speed, and making short work of enemy Fishermen, which can be severely damaged even while escaping, as Barks can fire sideways while on the move. This ability won't save a Bark from an enemy Trireme however, since the are too dangerous and accurate for a hit-and-run attempt to be worth the effort.

Mod-related first-time-load damage bug[]

In the Extended Edition (and possibly other versions as well), the Bark and Trireme are victims of an extremely bizarre bug.[1] If a mod (whether local or Workshop) contains any files that are automatically loaded when RoN is launched -- even if those files have no impact on balance, such as art files, or the XML files that dictate the UI layout -- then these two units (and no others) are temporarily treated as though they're Modern Age.png Modern Age units for the purpose of damage modifiers. This causes them to typically deal significantly more damage and receive significantly less damage when fighting units of a similar age. With the bug, a Bark is roughly equivalent to a Medieval Age.png Medieval Age Caravel in 1v1 combat when fighting other units except for other Barks or Triremes, despite having lower stats and being two ages behind.

This occurs for only a single game per session in either singleplayer or multiplayer (including an out-of-sync multiplayer game) before returning to normal. Restarting the game or reloading game assets re-triggers the bug for that game session.

The bug can be resolved by swapping each of the respective unit's own <PREQ0> and <PREQ1>, such that their single tech prerequisite is assigned to <PREQ0> instead of <PREQ1>,[2] although players should note that modifying game files in this manner can cause sync issues in multiplayer unless all players are using the same changes.