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Sabotage half size version.png In the Extended Edition, this unit/building is affected by a damage bug.

Assault Infantry.png

The Assault Infantry is the standard Modern Infantry of the Information Age.png Information Age, available to upgrade from Infantry and are trained at the Barracks.


When Infantry become Assault Infantry, they gain +19 hit points, +1 attack strength, +1 attack range, +2 movement speed and +1 line of sight.

Following the previous units of the unit line, Assault Infantry is effective in fighting Heavy Infantry, Artillery Weapons and Support Units. When used in quantity, they can be effective against light-amored vehicles and civilian structures as well. However, they are weak versus Tanks, Machine Guns and garrisoned fortifications like Towers and Forts.

Like most modern infantry, Assault Infantry has a small chance to counterattack aircraft.

Unique units[]


  • Assault Infantry are armed with either M16A2 assault rifles or AK-47 assault rifles, depending on what civilization the unit is from.