Assassin! is an official game scenario in Rise of Nations.


Nations are assigned a target and can only attack the cities and units of the specified enemy. Generally speaking, players can only attack one nation at a time while trying to defend themselves from being invaded by their "assassin". If military units cross the territory of a player that is not a target, those units will receive a severe attrition penalty (similar to peace).

Once after a nation has been defeated, the victor will receive a new target.


  • Depending on the rules, you should always have a reserve army at bay to defend your valuable cities and your capital.
  • It may be wise to abstain yourself from attacking at the beginning of the round. If your military is poorly built, they may be quickly eliminated thus leaving you nearly no chance in defending yourself.
  • If possible, try to create distance between your territory and your appointed "assassin" by wedging yourself among some "neutral" nations. This should allow sufficient time for you to successfully attack in waves aganist your target.
  • Be sure to be always one step ahead of your opponents in every way. This includes economic, military, etc advantages.
  • It is highly recommended to continuously attack your target with artillery units, naval vessels, or aircraft (such as stealth bombers).
  • Construct redoubts around your territory to prevent your enemy from easily invading your territory.
  • Pay attention to areas where the enemy may take advantage of. For example, an unclaimed island near your territory can allow your assassin to have a better chance in eliminating you.