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Armor, marked by a shield icon, is shown right beside Strength. The armor rating indicates how much incoming damage a unit or building will negate from each attack.

Armor.png Armor is an attribute of all units and buildings in the game. It specifies the amount subtracted from each incoming attack. The remaining damage is dealt to the unit and subtracted from its hit points.

Generally, a unit must take at least 1 point of damage per attack, regardless of its armor. However, there are exceptions, such as non-anti-air attackers like infantry or Lookouts trying to damage aircraft, or units attacking a target with a significant technological advantage, such as Riflemen attacking a Battleship.

Generals and Patriots have a passive ability that increases the armor of all ground units (including themselves and Civilians). Initially, this bonus is +2 armor. It can be increased by researching Strategy technologies at a Fort. Armor bonuses of multiple Generals do not stack.