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Armed Caravan (Ancient Age)
Armed Caravan (Gunpowder Age)
Armed Caravan (Industrial Age)
The Armed Caravan is a Dutch unique civilian that replaces the standard Caravan.

Like regular Caravans, Dutch Armed Caravans are a primary source of Wealth Wealth. However, Armed Caravans have +35 hit points, +1 armor, +2 line of sight compared to ordinary Caravans, and their most distinguishing and vital feature, which grants the Armed Caravan its name, is their ability to attack, with an attack strength of 6 and a range of 0-8 tiles. Like Ranged Cavalry, Armed Caravans can attack while moving. They also gain +10 hit points, +1 attack strength and +1 armor per Age Age.

Besides their attack capabilities and boosted stats, Armed Caravans function the same way as the standard Caravans.

For more information about the use of Caravans, see Caravan.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a minor bug, when selecting the Market, its infobox will often display a blinking hint to build Caravans to gather Wealth Wealth - even if the nation already operates Armed Caravans.
  • The Armed Caravan is one of the only civilian units with an attack, alongside Armed Merchants and Citizens.