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The Americans are one of the six nations introduced in the Thrones and Patriots expansion. They have the Power of Innovation, which refers to the fact that Americans have made many inventions since their creation and made many major discoveries in the rational community of science.

Power of Innovation

  • First Wonder is built instantly, if no other nation is also building it. This doesn't work with the Information Age.png Information Age wonders Space Program and Super Collider. Building the wonder still requires the resources to be paid.
    • If an Americans player has ever been in possession of a Wonder (such as by capturing an enemy's Wonder, or in custom scenarios), then the bonus is negated and the first Wonder constructed will not be completed instantly. This is true even if the other Wonder is destroyed or has been re-captured.
  • Governments are researched for free at the Senate. They still require time to be researched.
  • Receive one free Scholar with each new University.
  • All aircraft and carriers are 20% cheaper. Does not include missiles.
    • The bonus is specifically implemented to provide the discount to the Aircraft Carrier unit line, the Fighter Bomber unit line, and all units built at Airbases, which is why it doesn't apply to missiles.
  • Receive 1 free Bomber at each new Airbase from Modern Age.png Modern Age onward.
    • The free Bombers are given only up to the Population Limit.png population limit.
    • If an American player constructs an Airbase without meeting the technology prerequisites to build a Bomber (such as in the Industrial Age.png Industrial Age), the free Bomber will still spawn inside each Airbase as soon as the technology requirements are met and there is sufficient population cap to do so - even if the Airbase is already full. If spawned inside a full Airbase, should any of one the 11 planes in the Airbase transfer out or be destroyed, they will not be able to be replaced due to Airbase being at maximum capacity (until a 10th plane is transferred out or destroyed). All planes assigned to the Airbase will still be able to leave and return normally though.
    • (Partially undocumented/hidden) Unlike with most free units received via nation powers, the free Bomber(s) received do not impact the ramping cost of future Bombers built. Further, even if one or more of the provided Bombers are lost, an equal number of new Bombers may be built before unit ramping costs apply (the total number of "no-ramp" Bombers is equal to the number of owned Airbases multiplied by the number of free Bombers given per Airbase).
  • 25% cheaper military ground units upgrades. Affects both the base cost and ramping cost.
  • Receive +2 Food.png Food, Timber.png Timber, Metal.png Metal, and Wealth.png Wealth to gather rate for every non-Scout Barracks unit, except when garrisoned. Metal.png Metal is not gathered before Classical Age.png Classical Age is researched.
  • (Campaign only) Start Conquer the World campaigns with a Build Wonder Bonus Card.

Unique units

The Americans' line of unique Gunpowder Infantry and Modern Infantry units have increased hit points compared to the standard units they replace and lessened movement effects of terrain, as well as a special "automatic Entrench when idle for 5 seconds" ability. This special auto-Entrench ability does not require a General and functions even inside enemy and neutral territory, making them useful for protecting siege units during sieges and defending newly captured cities still under assimilation. When moving over water, Marine transports have +70 HP compared to the standard transport and also have +2 moves per Military.png Military research.

Damage-wise, American unique units have the same base attack damage and attack rate as the standard units they replace. However, Continental Marines don't receive the +20% damage bonus against Heavy Infantry that Musketeers do, so they do less damage to Heavy Infantry than the standard Musketeers they replace. Additionally, most Light Infantry, Gunpowder Infantry, and Modern Infantry have a 5% damage penalty against Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry, but the Americans' unique units do not have this penalty (nor do the Modern Age.png Modern Age Infantry), so they effectively have a 5% damage bonus versus those unit types compared to the units that they replace, except for Marine Infantry.

Unit Description
Continental Marines.png
Continental Marines
American Unique Gunpowder Infantry, Enlightenment Age.png Enlightenment Age - powerful in quantity but somewhat slow-firing. Marine Transports are faster and tougher than normal, and Marine units automatically Entrench after 5 seconds of being idle.
Marine Riflemen.png
Marine Riflemen
American Unique Modern Infantry, Industrial Age.png Industrial Age - powerful and accurate foot troops. Marine Transports are faster and tougher than normal, and Marine units automatically Entrench after 5 seconds of being idle.
Marine Infantry.png
Marine Infantry
American Unique Modern Infantry, Modern Age.png Modern Age - fast, powerful, rapid-firing foot troops accurate even at long range. Marine Transports are faster and tougher than normal, and Marine units automatically Entrench after 5 seconds of being idle.
Assault Marines.png
Assault Marines
American Unique Modern Infantry, Information Age.png Information Age - fast, powerful, rapid-firing foot troops. Marine Transports are faster and tougher than normal, and Marine units automatically Entrench after 5 seconds of being idle.



  • Washington ★
  • New York
  • Baltimore
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Hartford
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Austin
  • Springfield
  • Kansas City
  • Orlando
  • Atlanta
  • Newark
  • San Diego
  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Providence
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati
  • Boise
  • New Orleans
  • Detroit
  • Boston
  • Houston
  • Augusta
  • Concord
  • Montgomery
  • Frankfort
  • Annapolis
  • Dallas
  • Jefferson City
  • Salt Lake City
  • Montpelier


  • The Americans are the only nation to use the "Colonial" building set.