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Aircraft Carrier
The Aircraft Carrier is a Modern Age Modern Age naval unit that deploys the versatile Fighter Bombers and are built at the Shipyard.

Overview Edit

The Aircraft Carrier comes with a full squadron of seven Fighter Bombers; thus, its production requires 9 free Population Limit population points — two for the Aircraft Carrier itself plus one for each Fighter Bombers.

Fighter Bombers are versatile aircraft, effective against both units and buildings. In the Information Age Information Age, they can be upgraded to Jet Fighter Bombers by researching the Jet Fighter upgrade at an Airbase.

In combat, the Carrier entirely relies on its aircraft, either Fighter Bombers or Jet Fighter Bombers. When the Carrier is attacked, it automatically launches (scrambles) all aircraft available, similar to Airbases under attack.

Carriers have the ability to slowly repair themselves at a rate of 0.75 hit points per second (1 HP every 20 frames), which stacks with Citrus' healing effect. However, carriers are unable to garrison in a Dock or any other building for faster healing.

Nation powers Edit

  • The American Power of Innovation: Aircraft Carriers and fighters (including Fighter Bombers) are 20% cheaper.
  • The British Power of Empire: Ships, including the Aircraft Carrier, are created 33% faster.
  • The Japanese Power of Honour: Aircraft Carriers are 10% cheaper and created 33% faster.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Aircraft Carrier is shown to have four platforms (two near the bow, two at the island) fitted with anti-aircraft weaponry. However, it has no actual weapons in-game.
    • It is possible that in the earlier development stages of the game, the Aircraft Carrier was intended to have an anti-aircraft attack, since it has an attack strength and attack range value of 60 and 9 in the game files.
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