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Advanced Battleship
The Advanced Battleship is the Heavy Bombardment Ship of the Information Age Information Age, available to upgrade from the Battleship once Military Military 7 (Selective Service) is researched and are built at the Shipyard.


When Battleships become Advanced Battleships, they gain +40 hit points, +5 attack strength, +2 attack range, +1 armor, +2 movement speed, and +1 line of sight.

Slightly tougher, faster and better armored than the Battleship, the Advanced Battleship is the ultimate beast of the seas. It boasts an enormous kill range and the firepower to match.

The Advanced Battleship is equipped with two sets of three missile launchers. When attacking, she fires a volley of six missiles, each missile dealing 6.8 points of direct damage and 25% splash damage to nearby targets. Unlike its predecessors, the Advanced Battleship doesn't fire her weapons broadside.

Like all Heavy Ships, the Advanced Battleship is very effective in fighting Light Ships and most other vessels. It is also very effective in bombarding coastal areas and bringing down cities near the coast, so ground forces can move in and capture them.

The main weaknesses of the Advanced Battleship are Submarines and Aircraft.

This substantial rate of firepower is enough to cripple any other ships that dares get close or any city it may encounter.


  • The Advanced Battleship is modeled after the Slava-class missile cruiser.
  • Oddly enough, the Advanced Battleship sustains more damage from Light Ships, while the Battleship sustains lesser damage from Light Ships. This is likely due to the much further range of its weapons.
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