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The Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, is the European-based, real-world organization for the capitalist Western Bloc, featured in The Cold War Campaign.

In Rise of Nations, it is a strategically collective multinational group of "Client States", all controlled and kept by the Americans, and their democratic idealism for world Capitalism. Its Eastern Bloc counterpart, the Warsaw Pact, is a group of socialist countries, fewer in number, but more industrious and economically stable at the beginning of the campaign than NATO's member states.

Characteristics Edit

  • Diplomacy- NATO is a permanent client state of the Americans, and the player, American or Soviet, cannot negotiate with them.
  • Wonders- The Americans cannot build a Wonder of the World in Warsaw Pact territory, as NATO is an American client state and not actual American territory. Only the Soviets can build a Wonder in the Warsaw Pact territories, if they successfully invade and conquer them, or use a Treachery card to gain one of them.
  • Reconstruction- The American player must dedicate Tribute to rebuilding Western Europe, which lies desolate and bankrupt from World War II. If this is not done, all territories of NATO but France will defect to the Warsaw Pact unless held down by an American army stationed there. Even if one is present, a successful revolt will force them out if the neglect continues. The American AI, on the other hand, can safely ignore the Reconstruction requirement.


NATO begins the Cold War campaign with the following territories:

  • Australia
  • British Isles- United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland
  • Canada
  • West Europe- West Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark
  • France (capital)
  • Greece
  • Iberian Peninsula- Spain, Portugal
  • Italy
  • Scandanavia- Norway, Sweden
  • Turkey


  • British Isles- London
  • Western Europe- West Berlin


  • Modern Age- Hastings Lionel Ismay
  • Information Age- Margaret Thatcher

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • NATO substitutes the British and is one of the many countries that is .xml tribes only. The .xml can be found in the /conquest/ColdWar folder.
  • Portugal first joined NATO in 1949, whereas Spain did not join until 1982. The Iberian Peninsula territory is nonetheless shown as being fully part of NATO from the beginning of the Cold War Campaign.
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